【No Make Up Week Challenge】Reflection on No make up素顏記錄的剖白

Time flies,, I completed the NO MAKE UP WEEK CHALLENGE!

A week ago, I was invited to join the No Make Up Week Challenge. My response is like: What!? I’m a beauty blogger. How could I show myself in photos without make up?

Frankly speaking, it is really tough for an always well-dressed girl to face such a big challenge. When you get used to show up with a delicate, fancy, graceful look at all time, and now change the outer appearance in the opposite side! I did thinking about: maybe I can pretend with nude style. At least, put on the foundation and refine my eyebrows.

But, WOW! I’m amazed by my determination: STAY REAL!

On the 1st day, this was the most awkward day. I asked myself: Who is going to pay attention to this extraordinary girl with no make-up? Well, I received support from friends. Most people told me they aren’t dare to do so. I would like to tell you all guys: With the ultimate encouragement from your friends, it is the greatest force to hold on.

My write-up on this No Make Up Challenge is later being shared on the beauty platform. I was delighted to see my effort on the campaign can gain the feedback from others.

After a few days, I’m able to embrace the no make-up selfie. I realized I’m still the same, old me. Without make-up, my strengths and weaknesses are always there. They aren’t connected to how I look like. My soul, thought and emotion are independent from what I look like. The outer shelf is only the way to hidden us in order to avoid the others seeing our deepest truth.

Now, I’m confident to show the real me. And I’m willing to accept the way I am. So what stops you to free yourself and reveal your true beauty?

 時光過得很快,一轉眼便一個星期,我完成了NO MAKE UP WEEK CHALLENGE!

一個星期前,我被參加了一項名為NO MAKE UP WEEK CHALLENGE當時,我的反應是:什麼! ?我是一個美博客。怎麼能顯示出自己的素顏一整個星期


幸好,我克服了內心的爭紮,因為我有很大的決心:STAY REAL

1天,這是最尷尬的一天。我問自己:誰注意這個平凡沒有化妝的女孩?幸好,收到朋友的whatsapp, FB msg, 電郵,得到很多朋友的支持,他們大多數人告訴我,他們都不敢這樣做。我想告訴大家:擁有朋友們的鼓勵,便是努力完成這7天的最大動力。

而且,我對這次No Make Up Challenge的介紹,還得到了美容平台的分享。很高興看到我的努力能令更多的大眾知道。

No Make Up Challenge踏入活動的第3,4天,我已經面對自己素顏selfie我還是一樣的我。沒有化妝,我的長處和短處永遠存在他們不會與我的外貌連接。我的靈魂思想和情感是獨立的,從我的樣子。化妝的面具只是我們為了隱藏避免自己,防止別人看到我們最深底、最真實的一面


#NOMAKEUPWEEKCHALLENGE is a reminder for girls that lips are pretty even without the pinkish lip gloss.


1. take a selfie with no make up every day for 7 days
2. share it on your social media (i.e. Instagram, Facebook) and hashtag it with #nomakeupweekchallenge
0r, send your selfies to purepuresmile@gmail.com
3. paste this to the caption: “I’ve accepted the #nomakeupweekchallenge! Let’s join forces in appreciating women’s true beauty. If I can make it for 7 days, would you join me in this challenge or donate to “Self Love Fund” @abundantwhale in supporting sick women who cannot afford heavy medical bills”?
4. share your insights during the 7-day self-love journey with me

About Self Love Fund
“Self Love Fund” is a fund set up by Josie Cheng on AbundantWhale.com that targets specifically for sick women who can’t afford medical fees. Money received will be used to fund female patients applied for help on AbundantWhale.com #NoMakeUpWeekChallenge is held on AbundantWhale because the fund raised will be deposited directly to the medical institutions responsible for the patients’ treatments. And we will be informed about each patients helped by the fund. It’s a transparent fundraising platform for patients. 5% of the service fee will be charged by the platform for providing such service. Payment gateway (Paypal) or banks may charge a small fee when there is a transaction according to their own schemes. More about funding flow: http://abundantwhale.com/about/how-abundantwhale-works/
Support SELF LOVE FUND on AbundantWhale.com:

By Bank Transfer/Cheque
Company Name: AbundantWhale Company Limited
Account No.: 848-564076-838
Name of the Bank: HSBC Hong Kong
Address of the Bank: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Bank code: 004 (for local payment)
SWIFT Address: HSBCHKHHHKH (for international telegraphic transfer)
Please email your bank receipt to hello@abundantwhale.com and state clearly which fund you would like to support and we will issue a copy of invoice accordingly.

By PayPal

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