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It was the start of warm weekend in Hong Kong, where we found it super difficult to have a decent place to continue the girls talk with my fellow beauties in Central. Walking down from Sheung Wan, a spacious outdoor cafe discovery is totally in vain; so that we swift our attention to PMQ. Bread n Butter Cafe, with the showcase by bread n butter, another cross-boarder play in Hong Kong. Parisian style leads the whole cafe's design, even including the menu. It's featured by a collection of traditional French crepes but also some Asian twist like Crepe Hong Kong or Crepe Tokyo. As to the drink menu, it is more British to my opinion which offer a wide range of tea (served by T-brand tea bag) in some special flavor like ginger & lemon. 

The garden-look outdoor space is in the backyard. A totally white world decorated from the white marble table till the white bamboo-hanging-sofa. I love the 4-6 people sofa area which provides a quite spacious afternoon-tea vibe, and especially the wide and soft sofa for 2-3ps is as comfortable as it can be. It's not a view to be considered, as the eye-blocked buildings on the PMQ's lower platform and the crowded buildings in Central area; but at least there is a sky of green when we look up.

Coincidentally, we all ordered crepe with tea/coffee, and two of us ordered the same one, Crepe Hong Kong by chance. I was kind of craving for Hongkong-style toast with condensed milk and peanut butter sauce in that late afternoon (maybe it has been a super long time I haven't visited any local restaurant). Don't know the reason, Crepe Hong Kong is differently served as an afternoon-tea package with tea/coffee. 

It was a 'massive' dish with a rich decoration of toasted coconut and peanuts on the top. Crepe is quite big in size, plus vanilla ice-cream to serve one, but I was expecting thinner one. The peanut butter and condensed milk sauce is any-one-can-do, so as long as it is pasted enough, it's quality-guaranteed. Latte, is a 'sorry' production, which tastes too dry, bitter and sour. 

* Average $90 per person within 10% service charge.

Shop HG01-HG05, G/F, PMQ
35 Aberdeen Street
Hong Kong

Mon to Sun. 11am - 10pm

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