How to get into the Uffizi Gallery on free admission days

Uffizi Gallery is the top-visited historical center in Florence and pulls in guests from all aspects of the world. Advance booking of tickets is the most ideal approach to investigate the magnificence of this cutting edge workmanship exhibition hall. In any case, not many individuals realize that there are sure days where the Gallery permits free confirmation of guests like January 1, December 25.


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Visiting Italy's heritage

It was my fourth outside excursion, prior I went to Spain, Uk, Malaysia and this was a great opportunity to investigate the verifiable fortune present in Italy. I surmise Italy is among one the nations which have a huge number of sightseers puts and is one of the most visited nations on the planet. Italy has an extremely remarkable feel, it's the best spot to be for a history darling, or who lik



A trip to Florence and Barcelona

These two cities are very famous and tourist destinations there are just simply amazing. One has the famous Sagrada Familia so the other has Duomo Florence. Both of these monuments have a major contribution to increasing the tourism of their cities. The Sagrada Familia is an unfinished church, which will be finished by the end of 2026 which is exactly 100 years after the death of its designer and



Visiting Rome

Italy has been a place for tourists for ages now. It is very famous because of its historical places, monuments, museums, etc. According to me the most famous place in Italy is the Rome Colosseum as it used to be the home of Gladiators, and Colosseum has played an important role in Italian history. Rome has many other destinations to visit such as the St. Peters Basilica, the Roman Forum, and the



famous monuments to visit in Europe

History is something which can be exhausting for certain individuals however for me, it's simply one more intriguing thing to investigate. I like visiting authentic spots and I concluded that we are going to visit the best landmarks in Europe. These are the excursions which energize me as I am a history sweetheart and I generally needs to investigate an ever-increasing number of celebrated landm



Visiting Burj Khalifa a great experience

Burj Khalifa is a structure which does not need any kind of introduction, its so amazing and it has its own charm. Its the pride of Dubai and the whole of UAE. It is the world's tallest building since 2009. The building is named after the president of UAE the Sheikh Khalifa. The amazing fact about the building is that it just took 5 years in completing the construction of the structure. The Proje



Opening and Closing Time to Colosseum Rome, Italy

It was created between 70 - 80 AD under the Flavian Dynasty, It is one of the popular and iconic monuments in the world. It was used gladiator tournaments, animal hunts, games and many other types of entertainment during that time and has the capacity of holding 50 to 80 thousand spectators. Today the massive amphitheater is the first choice among travelers. Approx more than 6 million tour


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Places to Visit in Barcelona

Barcelona, city ​​of Spain is the fourth-most densely populated European city . In Spain, Barcelona has become the first and most visited tourist destination. The visitor of this city got attracted by its beauty of art and its diverse history. Barcelona is Full of The history of Barcelona has the most famous and talented architect with it. Name of some of the famous artists is Dali, Gaudi, Miro,



6 things to do on weekend in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the top-most visited destinations in Europe. And when it comes to spending a short weekend trip, then there can't be a better place than this. But, even for spending a long beach holiday Barcelona is favorite for many Tourists. The question which comes to mind is why Barcelona is so famous? The weather, the architecture, the landmarks, the streets and last but not the least it



5 Most Famous Monuments in Europe

Europe is a place that welcomes millions of tourists yearly and there is a definite reason behind this great figure because, Europe has plenty of beautiful monuments in various countries like Spain, France, Italy, UK, and Greece, etc. These countries play an important part in promoting European tourism hence acts as a backbone for the same. People from all over the world visit Europe for experienc



5 Famous Fests of Spain

"Mi casa es su casa" Translation: My house is your house – Spanish Proverb The statement is beautifully defined the vibrance of culture in Spain . Along with it, there is also a heartwarming hospitality that is offered. From celebrating the small moments to living in the big ones, this country and its people sure does know how to treat life Like a party. So if you're someone who belie


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如果你在佛羅倫薩,那麼你肯定需要抽出時間參觀波波里花園。它們是世界上最美麗的花園之一(如果你的祖母要求,請確保你告訴她更好,好吧)。此外,經過幾天在烏菲茲美術館和Galleria dell'Accademia等博物館閒逛後,您需要在戶外玩幾個小時,呼吸新鮮空氣。但是,在你出去之前,請花一點時間閱讀有關什麼,何時何地以及如何充分利用您的訪問。 什麼?Boboli花園坐落在Pitti Palace後面,為托萊多的公爵夫人Eleonora建造,於1549年由設計師Niccolo Pericoli(也稱為Tribolo)開始生活。 Pericoli去世後,Bartolomeo Ammanati繼續開展工作,Giorgio Vasari(設計Grottos)和Bernardo Buontalenti(設計雕塑)的貢獻。有趣的是,花園沒有天然水源,專門建造了一條管道,用於將水從Arno河轉移到


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文藝復興的發源地佛羅倫薩的Piazza della Signoria廣場就位於烏菲茲美術館,是世界上最偉大的藝術博物館之一。在這個宏偉的建築物的牆壁後面,你會發現最大的文藝復興時期藝術收藏品,這些藝術品都是由著名的佛羅倫薩銀行家族梅迪西斯(Medicis)於1743年贈送到佛羅倫薩市的。 博物館內烏菲齊意味著意大利語辦公室,但這個畫廊沒有任何管理權。恰恰相反。這里分佈在101個房間的兩個樓層,展出了令人驚嘆的藝術作品。而且,雖然烏菲齊的文藝復興時期的藝術品毫無疑問是大多數參觀博物館的原因,但這個地方也有很多其他令人驚嘆的作品。按時間順序排列博物館,繪畫和房間。他們從希臘雕塑開始,一直到18世紀的威尼斯畫作。當您漫步大廳時,您將發現一些有史以來最優秀的藝術家的作品,包括Simone Martini,Caravaggio,Michelangelo,Titian,Raphael,Bandi


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  • 上周小編有幸獲邀出一項活動 - 瑞士設計大獎媒體招待會 瑞士設計大獎是一個雙年展設計大賽,不同範疇不同領域的設計師都可以參加,也特別設有年青才俊組別,讓在學或剛畢業的學生有更多機會面向世界。主辦單位這次就將23個被提名和獲獎的產品帶來香港,分別於三個場地 (元創坊、創新科技設計博覽及Connecting Space Hong Kong) 展出,亦舉辦了一連串的講座和活動。 小編當然邀請埋一些Blogger好友出席啦! 今次活動策展人Michel Heuter為我們介紹整個瑞士設計大獎的理念和評委方式,亦同時為我們率先介紹部份有趣的作品。 等我先為大家介紹一下: Stack - 是 Rado 贊助的 Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talent, 是專為年青設計師而設的獎項。Stack是個嶄新的設計,一般打印機最浪費空間的是


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  • 對台灣人來說,環島遊可謂一生必圓夢。香港人鍾愛寶島,可不是人人豪得起 2 星期,飛到台灣踩勻北中南東。早前台灣老爺集團和捷安特旅行社為港人帶來福音,推出 7 日 6 夜單車環島遊行程。就算你無李慧詩咁踩得,也可輕鬆完成單車之旅。 今次介紹的單車環島遊「2016 老爺鐵騎 RoyalRider」,結合台灣人常說的三鐵 (台鐵、高鐵和鐵馬)、巴士、步行觀光和酒店住宿等配套,由台北出發,經嘉義、台南、高雄、台東等地,回到台北作結。行程由擅長搞單車環島遊的捷安特旅行社主理,分為夏季版和冬季版,夏季團踩車總長 225 公里、冬季團踩車總長 190 公里。沿途有補給車、領騎、壓隊和標兵等支援,讓團友在安全的環境下完成旅程。 別以為單車團只有踩車好沉悶,既然和老爺集團有關,你就知道住得好。行程住宿新竹、台南、知本和礁溪等地老爺酒店,不少得港人好愛的溫泉,浸個飽再上路。單車團還包括文化導賞、自


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  • 臨近聖誕,金光閃閃的禮物特別迷人。Swatch 推出香港限量 420 枚的腕錶禮盒,收藏金光禮盒中,各路愛錶之士,至少來看一眼吧? Swatch 聖誕系列命名「LUCINFESTA」,名字由羅馬神話「LUCINA」和節日「FESTA」組合而成。羅馬人把 12 月 25 日定為太陽神日,有黑暗漸逝、光明得勝之意。LUCINFESTA 手錶採用金色表盤,玻璃鏡面折射星星圖案,代表生命和希望。以藍色和金色為主調的錶帶,配上聖誕圖案更搶眼。收藏手錶的金盒探用鏡面設計,帶來 3D 立體視覺效果,配襯多款聖誕圖案加添聖誕氣氛。 LUCINFEST ($960) 全球則限量發售 8,888 枚,而香港則限定發售 420 枚。


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WeShare 送你 Duffy及 ShellieMay 可...

香港迪士尼樂園由即日至 5 月 29 日,呈獻首個「迪士尼花蛋節」!迪士尼朋友化身成為「花蛋」喺樂園不同園區同大家見面。除此之外,今年樂園仲增加左兩項全新「星級體驗」服務 ─「《小公主蘇菲亞》之旅」及「《星球大戰》預備班」,更為各賓客推出多款花蛋造型嘅商品。迪士尼小熊Duffy同ShellieMay亦換上可愛兔仔造型新裝,係咪好想帶佢地返屋企呢?依家只要完成以下步驟及填妥資料即有機會得到一對迪士尼朋友Duffy同ShellieMay 9吋毛公仔,即刻行動啦! (名額:4位)遊戲玩法:1. 成為、香港迪士尼樂園 | Hong Kong Disneyland 粉絲2. 在此填妥答案及個人資料( Like並Share遊戲帖子(記得設定為Public/公開)( Tag 3位好友

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  • 試著好生活

    旅行後,一定有唔少心得可以話比人知,不如一齊把旅行小貼士分享比大家,令下次旅行可以更美滿! 玩樂測試專頁:

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  • 二次元隊道研究部


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    一起吃早餐 一起去旅行 一起做手作

  • 魚子醬 - 鐵人家族親子遊


  • 好好.社企月餅 — 中秋過節好選擇 中秋佳節將至,月餅是節日必備食品,今年除了傳統老字號的出品外,不妨嘗試一種新選擇,來自社會企業的月餅。 爲協助精神病康復者重投社會,發揮所長,月餅由聘用經驗豐富的包點師傅培訓弱能人士製作健康及衛生的產品,爲其創造就業機會的社企製造。精神病康復者在專業師傅的指導下,嚴格依照安全衛生的生產程序,操作手法熟練,出品自然有高質量保證。 今年推出蓮蓉傳統月餅系列,有傳統蛋雙黃白蓮蓉及迷你版,均採用麻糖醇代替白糖,在保持美味的同時也更加低糖,符合現代人健康的飲食習慣,並力求出品優質。除了傳統月餅系列外,製作工場還推出迷你抹茶、迷你五仁紅豆口味,均採用新鮮進口原材料,讓你在中秋佳節品嚐新口味。 仲有,「好好社企」今年亦推出濃郁朱古力月餅,有榛黑朱古力、白芝麻、紅豆綠茶口味、紅莓及檸檬朱古力味等多款選擇,使你


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  • 第二屆WWF「跑出未來」現已開始接受報名!是項活動為夜跑賽事,選定白石角海濱長廊進行。大會希望透過活動鼓勵大眾身體力行支持節能,提倡減少消耗不必要的地球資源,投入低碳生活,並籌募善款以支持WWF保育及教育工作。 WWF於去年舉辦首屆「跑出未來」,吸引了超過2,600名健兒參賽。今年賽事分為個人組、團體組﹙三至四人﹚及企業組﹙三至四人以及四人接力﹚,參加者將按性別、年齡及性質等分成 31 個組別進行比賽。所有參賽者將分別完成3公里、4公里﹙接力﹚以及新增的10公里的賽程。 你可能會問跑步與未來有何關係?不少人因為方便舒適會選擇於室內跑步,但於室內跑步時使用電燈、跑步機、冷氣的電力比室外跑步造成更多的碳排放。因此,「跑出未來」就是希望提倡戶外跑步,實踐低碳生活,關注環境問題。 今年活動除了再次邀得香港男子半馬拉松紀錄保持者紀嘉文及2010亞洲馬拉松錦標賽女子馬拉松銅牌得主周子雁繼續擔


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  • "I Love Hong Kong, I’m born and raised here, Hong Kong is my home." Text by Eddie Kim Hong Kong locals love a good bargain. Anyone can walk into a Manning’s and pick up a gallon of hand soap for the price of a pork chop bun. A good deal is hard to resist, but consumers are catching up to manufacturers through the digital information rush, and the standards for quality is risi


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  • 想真正探索芬蘭拉普蘭的壯闊荒原,來到薩武科斯基這個偏遠小鎮,你就會發覺這兒是一個寧靜的避世天堂。「借我的單車給你,來個午夜河畔單車遊如何?」尼高提議說。我欣然坐上他的爬山單車,沿著凱米河騎行,地平線上不遠傳來金色的陽光。空氣清爽卻也溫暖,湖面波光粼粼,完美地倒影著河岸的房屋與樹木。 這個如睡美人一般的小鎮,也是通往芬蘭最大保護區之一──烏爾霍凱科寧國家公園的捷徑。烏爾霍凱科寧不但是芬蘭歷史上在位最長的總統,他還非常熱愛大自然。在這面積有兩個香港那麼大的公園裡,你可在標示清晰的魯伊亞步道上漫步,穿越公園西部的森比奧嚴格自然保護區;或與嚮導同行,挑戰更高難度的遠足,走過壯麗的溝壑山谷、廣闊的沼澤、北方的原始森林,除了享受開揚美景,更可眺望聖誕老人的家鄉──耳朵山。作為生態愛好者,看到超過十多種北極鳥類和哺乳類動物讓我興奮不已,牠們包括柳鶯、燕雀、熊、狼、貂熊、山貓等,當然還有儼如拉普蘭標


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  • 廢話少說!上一round贏唔到既朋友,呢round再嚟!答中問題便有機會贏限量福袋(加推版) !!! 快啲羸份聖誕禮物走啦!!!新增禮品有 (如圖): 文青必備記事本、電影戲票券、咖啡店現金劵,及上期已有禮品:萬用Tote Bag、精美2016座檯年曆、海星的文具十色木顏色筆、及其他神秘禮品。 聖誕福袋(加推版) 的必有禮物 :萬用Tote Bag 、咖啡店現金劵、精美2016座檯年曆.....及更多豐富獎品!即玩兼入黎睇實物 ↓


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