5 Famous Fests of Spain

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"Mi casa es su casa"

Translation: My house is your house – Spanish Proverb

The statement is beautifully defined the vibrance of culture in Spain . Along with it, there is also a heartwarming hospitality that is offered. From celebrating the small moments to living in the big ones, this country and its people sure does know how to treat life Like a party. So if you're someone who believes the same, then add these Spanish festivals to your bucket list and attend them all, because it's always better to do the best things now than never.

Take a look!

1.    La Tomatina (Tomato Fight Festival)


La Tomatina is the most famous and known amidst the people from all across the globe out of all the Spanish festivals. Spain is known to heartily welcome thousands of tourists and locals to the streets of Bunol during this tomato festival. These people then smash and throw Tomato at some other. This fiesta had started some 70 years ago, and has now become a popular event in the country, so and so that the 20,000 tickets sells out in a jiffy.

When: 29th August

Where: Buñol, Spain

2.    Las Fallas De Valencia (Festival of Fire)

Without the mention of the Fallas, no list of Spanish festivals can ever be complete! This festival is literally a party that takes place in the city of Valencia for five days, and brings colorful and gigantic characters out on the streets. Most of the figures And statues here are a result of the pop-culture or satirical events that take place throughout the year.

When: 15th to 19th March

Where: Valencia, Spain

3.    Feria De Abril (April Fair Of Seville)

The April Fair of Seville, amongst all the fascinating festivals of Spain, is that one event that will definitely make you fall in love with the beautiful culture of this country. Beginning with the entrance's traditional lighting to the fairgrounds at midnight, and ending with colors And entertainment of the best of Andalusian art, such as flamenco, this festival is one of its kind.

When: 15th to 21st April

Where: Seville, Spain

4.    Feria Del Caballo (Horse Fair)

Flamenco performances, joyous celebrations, Andalusian cuisines, and a number of amazing horses, yes, this is exactly what the Horse Fair in Jerez is all about! This fair held is one of the major festivals in Spain, and helps everyone to come together and Enjoy the horse parades. It also allows them to indulge in tapas that sells at more than 250 stalls. Make sure to dress up and dance your heart out!

When: 5th May to 12th May

Where: Feria del Caballo in Jerez

5.    Feria De Málaga (Augaust Fair In Malaga)

The Fair of Malaga is the best Spanish festival held in August. It is a week full of ultimate events and fun activities taking place in the heart of Costa del Sol. This fiesta can be presented both during day and night time. There is no doubt That if you visit this fair, you will surely have a gala time! So immerse yourself in the rich heritage and culture of Spain.

When: 11th to 19th August

Where: During the day at Downtown streets, and at night at Cortijo de Torres in Malaga, Spain

So which festival is it that you are most excited to visit? Let us know in the comments! ;)



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